Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive Coming To Switch On December 7

5pb. has announced that Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive launches on Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2017 via the Nintendo eShop for $9.99 / €7.99 / 1,000 Yen.

The Nintendo Switch version is a port of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive on PS4 and features Story Mode, Arcade Mode (Score Attack), Co-Op Mode (1-4 players) and Versus Play (2-4 players). Online Multiplayer and the Arcade Mode’s online ranking will be implemented via a free update after Nintendo officially launches the Nintendo Switch Online service in 2018.

All downloadable contents such as the Kurisu Makise DLC, Frau Koujiro DLC, additional BGM DLC, and Kemo Mimi Costume Pack are included in the Nintendo Switch version. Game balance has been adjusted, such as strengths of skills and enemy positionings, and alternate routes have been omitted to avoid over complication. The Nintendo Switch version includes Japanese voices and supports Japanese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese (simplified), Russian for text.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive is a battle action game where players proceed through the stage defeating countless enemies, defeating the boss that awaits at the end of the stage, then moving on to the next stage. The game is enjoyable by simply mashing a button, but the player can enjoy various actions using a combination of controls.

Via: 5pb.

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