Vertically-Scrolling Shoot ‘Em Up RXN: Raijin Announced For Nintendo Switch

Kayac has announced that the vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up RXN: Raijin is coming to Nintendo Switch in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan in December 2017.

RXN: Raijin is a vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up with a 16:9 resolution that makes full use of Switch’s wide screen. It will offer a new shooting game experience where players will dodge the attacks coming in from all directions of the wide screen, and attack enemies.

Awakening is an RXN-original special move that attacks the entire screen and slows the flow of time for everything other than the player character for a fixed period of time. Since the single use of an Awakening consumes one-third of the HP bar, its skillful use is the key to clearing the game.

Players can choose from their favorite of three playable characters each with different attack methods. The characters that appear in Story Mode, who are fully voiced by wonderful actors, will enliven the game.

Check out the RXN: Raijin Trailer:


Via: Gematsu

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