Superbeat: XONiC Out Now For Nintendo Switch In North America

PM Studios and Acttil have announced that Superbeat: XONiC is now available for Nintendo Switch in North America. In addition to the included soundtrack of over 65 songs — from R&B to rock, techno to K-pop — several new tracks are also available via DLC.

In Europe, Superbeat: XONiC we will be released digitally on November 30 and physically on December 8, 2017 through Rising Star Games.

To celebrate the game’s debut on Switch, these all-new DLC tracks are free for Nintendo Switch users:

  1. Rackin Gravity by 7 Sequence
  2. Neko-kun by Basiscape
  3. Select, Start by Steven Silo
  4. Donut Island by Steven Silo
  5. Oh-Wei-Oh by Bentley Jones
  6. STUTTA 2.0 by Bentley Jones
  7. Talk 2 U by Bentley Jones

Check out the Superbeat: XONiC for Nintendo Switch – Louder Trailer:


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