Street Heat Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2018

PQube has announced that the top-down multiplayer racer Street Heat is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018.

A top-down, action-packed party-piece for one-to-four players, Street Heat lets you fight bumper-to-bumper with local and online foes as you screech around corners, hurtle over deadly jumps and floor it across busy train tracks. Pick your car and livery of choice and get racing against friends, strangers or AI within seconds in a vibrant world brought to life with a pulsating ’80s soundtrack. But beware: spin off the track’s edge or get obliterated by the trains and your race is over until the next round.


  • Fiercely competitive arcade racing:
    Trade paint as you push your competition off the track and scrape your way to first place in fast and frantic four-player races.
  • Flexible online multiplayer:
    Simultaneously take on friends and strangers both locally and online via matchmaking that supports multiple local players.
  • Challenging AI:
    Fancy offline tussles? Whether playing solo or with a friend or two, fill in the spare slots with AI racers and tweak their skill settings to ensure a competitive race every time.
  • Randomized hazards:
    With slippery oil slicks and deadly train carriages roaring through Street Heat’s twisting cityscapes, no two races are the same. And with no respawns available, every turn could be your last!
  • Rise up the ranks:
    Rack up the victories to unlock new cars and skins.
  • Tournament play:
    Participate in multi-race events where points are awarded for finishing positions, fastest laps and kills.
  • Track voting system:
    Everybody gets a say in which track’s up next via a post-race ballot.

Check out the Street Heat Screenshots:

Check out the STreet Heat Announcement Trailer:


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