Crossing Souls For PS Vita Likely Getting Cancelled

It seems that the PS Vita version of Crossing Souls is likely getting cancelled as the developer has hinted this in a post on the PlayStation blog.

In this blog post, Fourattic has announced that Crossing Souls will launch on PS4 on February 13, 2018 without mentioning the originally announced PS Vita version. On a user’s question on a update on the PS Vita version, the developer’s answer wasn’t very promising.

According to Fourattic, they are a very small team and they can only focus on a few platforms for now and they concentrate on having the game ready and perfectly playable on PC and PS4. Once it’s been released they see how it works and what they can make about porting it to other platforms. According to the developer, they’d love to see Crossing Souls having on the PS Vita or another handheld platform but they can’t plan anything real for now.

The comment ends with the note that although they love the PS Vita, porting it to this platform is something unlikely for now and that they will make an update soon with a clearer and final info.

Although hope dies last, we don’t think that the PS Vita version of Crossing Souls is still happening. This would be another Kickstarter funded game that has promised a PS Vita version but failed to deliver in the end. Hopefully some developers will learn one day that they only should announce something they can fulfill.

Via: PlayStation Blog

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