2D Action-Platformer Iconoclasts Launches On PS Vita & PS4 On January 23, 2018

Joakim Sandberk has announced that the 2D action-platformer Iconoclasts will launch on PS Vita and PS4 on January 23, 2018.

Robin is a self-taught mechanic who spends most of her days helping to fix the broken “ivory”-run machinery of those around her. However, she lives in a land heavily governed by the religious bodies, who are adamant to have full control of the occupations of rural people, and an unlicensed mechanic handling ivory is the most heinous thing of all.

Iconoclasts is the journey of young main character Robin, in her world of strict control and people who she wants to help, but also those who see her as malleable. It’s a story of trusting who you want to be, but how hard it can be to let that happen.

The game has a ton of big boss battles and platforming. Use your wrench to activate machines, smack enemies on the head or even turn their attacks back at them. But you also have a trusty stun-gun to take out monsters, machines or even people who look at you wrong. There are bosses numbering all the way up in the twenties, skills to unlock with materials you find across the lands, many areas to visit and people to meet, resulting in a game that lasts for many hours.

Iconoclasts is supporting English, Spanish, French and German languages.

Check out the Iconoclasts Screenshots:

Check out the Iconoclasts Launch Date Trailer:


Via: PlayStation Blog

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