Papers, Please Arrives On PS Vita On December 12, 2017

Lucas Pope from 3909 has announced that Papers, Please will be released for PS Vita in North America and Europe on December 12, 2017.

In Papers, Please, you take on the role of an immigration inspector in the communist state of Arstotzka to control the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side of Grestin from Kolechia. Among the throngs of immigrants and visitors looking for work are hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists. Using only the documents provided by travelers and the Ministry of Admission’s primitive inspect, search, and fingerprint systems you must decide who can enter Arstotzka and who will be turned away or arrested.

Papers, Please features a story mode with 20 different endings. There is also an endless mode that gets unlocked after reaching a certain ending in story mode. In endless mode, you control procedurally-generated travelers in three different game types.

Papers, Please is already available for Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS.

Via: Twitter

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