Regalia For PS Vita On The Edge Of Cancellation, Switch Version Announced

In a recent Kickstarter update, Pixelated Milk has revealed that the PS Vita version of the strategy RPG Regalia is on the edge of cancellation.

According to the developer, they have been investigating the PS Vita port for several months now, both on their own and by approaching possible porting partners. As the technical issues have turned out to be much greater than anticipated, the PS Vita version will not happen at the sime time as other consoles (Q1 2018). The developer is still looking for a solution to bring Regalia to PS Vita but they can not promise when or wether it will eventually happen.

Backers of the PS Vita version can replace their Vita key with the other console versions or can get a refund of the cost of the Vita key ($10).

In the same update, Pixelated Milk has announced that Regalia is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2018.

Check out the Regalia: Royal Edition Trailer:

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Via: Kickstarter

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