Cleaversoft Talks About Their Upcoming Game EarthNight For PS Vita & PS4

By 2 Old 4 Gaming

At PSX I met Rich from Cleaversoft, the developers of EarthNight, to talk about their upcoming game.

Rich, can you tell us more about the EarthNight.

EarthNight is a love letter to classic 2D platformers like Sonic and Mario, but with a twist. We’re putting in more depth (to the game) than most standard platformers, that have really been out there. We’re creating this really epic experience. There is perma-death. Every time you die you start back at the beginning. You’re really traversing the world. Its more open than you would expect. It’s what we call “living level select” where after you jump off a dragon you’re skydiving over the planet and you can pick the dragon you want to run on next or you can choose to sky dive down closer to the planet. It’s really up to you to go out there and explore. We’re sometimes pegged into the endless runner genre, but ironically the name of our game EarthNight is the end because were not endless. We’re actually heading down to the planet, to the final world.

The art-style is very unique. What was the inspiration for it?

So Paul Davey, his internet tag is Mattahan, check out his work on our website, paints everything you see. Every frame of every character, every element, everything that’s on the screen. The art style is really just his art style. He’s never done a video game before, but he’s been painting his whole life and this is his whimsical art style that is really unique to him. And when we set out, it was to make a living work of art, out of his art and I think we’re pretty close to accomplishing that.

EarthNight PS Vita PS4

Is there a story to the game?

There is. Dragons have taken over the earth and the final remaining humans are in space as refugees. And one day our heroes, Stanley and Sydney, decide they’ve had enough and they skydive down to the planet to take out as many dragons as they can along the way.

So the aim is to get to the head of each dragon and attack it with a weapon.

So Stanley has a sword, which he can power up with light and dark energy, which helps on certain dragons. Sydney, is host to an evil dragon spirit. It gives her special powers. When she gets to the head, that evil dragon spirit comes out and tries to suck the life out of the dragon.

So this is coming to PS4 and PC first, with PS Vita down the line.

Yes. As soon as we can get it up and running smooth enough that we’re happy with it, it will be out on Vita as well.

Excellent. Any closing words for the audience?

It has been a serious labour of love. In February it will have been 6 years since I started. It was mostly part-time work at the beginning, but I’m now full-time. I get asked all the time “when, when, when?” and I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. We will be out the first half of 2018 for everyone to enjoy. I can’t wait for everyone to find all the secrets and all the crazy stuff we have hidden. We really injected a lot of love and a lot of depth into something that you can pick up real quick and play. That curve from beginner to expert is a chasm.

Im looking forward to it. Thanks for your time Rich.

My pleasure.

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