PS Vita at PSX – EarthNight Impressions

By 2 Old 4 Gaming

I didn’t really know what to expect when I was heading over to play EarthNight at PSX. The trailers looked like it might be an endless runner game but the hand painted art just looked incredible. When I played it and spoke to the developer at PSX, I did learn that EarthNight is an auto-runner but the art and fast and fluid controls made it stand out from the usual auto runners you find on mobile.

EarthNight is set in a world where dragons have taken over the earth and humans are living in Space to escape them. Two humans Sydney and Stanley decide they’ve had enough and they leap off their space-ship to head to the planet and kill as many dragons as possible along the way. As they fall to the earth you can try to aim which dragon you want to land on. You can choose to fall further to the planet and take on a tougher dragon or go for an easier one. After finishing a dragon it’s up to you how hard you want to make the game.

EarthNight PS Vita PS4

When you land on a dragon you run and leap across its back trying to reach the head. There are enemies along the way and collectibles to power yourself up. I found trying to reach the dragons head could be quite challenging at times. With the character moving pretty fast so you need to really pay attention to make sure you can jump over enemies. The running and jumping was really fun. The characters could take huge leaps at a time and you can chain jumps by landing on enemies. When you jump, you can control your jump so you can fall downwards faster or move further to the left or right.

When you reach the dragons head you need to kill it. Stanley uses a sword and Sydney is possessed by an evil dragon spirit that absorbs the big dragons. A lot of thought has gone into the game and the developer has promised lots of surprises. EarthNight has my curiosity piqued with its interesting premise and amazing art style. Also I need to give a shout out to the music. The music was a fusion between 8-bit chip tune and real instruments. It sounded excellent and was instantly catchy.

EarthNight will launch first on PS4 and PS Vita will follow when it’s ready. The developer Cleaversoft has been working on the game for 6 years and his passion really showed. I’m really looking forward to this one.

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