PS Vita at PSX – War Theatre & SkullPirates Impressions

By 2 Old 4 Gaming

I visited Arcade Distillery’s booth at PSX and had a chance to play their two upcoming games War Theatre and SkullPirates. Two very different games but both planned to come to PS Vita in 2018.

War Theatre is kind of like Advance Wars. You can create a variety of units on a fixed map and you’ll have to move them along the grid based map taking turns with your opposition to ultimately take over area and destroy them.

I spoke with Luc Bernard, the game’s director, and he has some ambitious plans for the game including dozens of maps and Vita-PS4 multiplayer matches. The PS Vita hasn’t had an Advance Wars type game that I’m aware of, so this will be sure to please fans of the genre.

SkullPirates is completely different. It’s a side scrolling co-op action game, kind of like Streets of Rage, but with platforming too. I played a couple of levels with Luc and what stood out to me the most was the art style. The character sprites looked amazing on the TV and I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks on the PS Vita.

The game was a very early build and Luc has again got a long list of things to be developed for the game that all sound like great ideas. There will again be cross-play between Vita and PS4 players and there will be a lot of humour and satire with the characters and their stories.

War Theatre is planned for release in the first half of 2018 and SkullPirates towards the end of the year. As always it was great to see Luc’s love of the PS Vita and to be able to play War Theatre on an actual PS Vita.

Check out the War Theatre and SkullPirates Impressions:


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