Rogue Aces Coming To Nintendo Switch

Infinite State Games has announced that its 2D air combat dogfight roguelike Rogue Aces is coming to Nintendo Switch alongside PS Vita and PS4.

In Rogue Aces, you’ll battle for air, sea and ground supremacy while gradually upgrading your precious aircraft’s stats. It’s all about hot acrobatic dogfights, heroic mid-air plane-jacking, sweet fully destructible buildings and different-every-game procedural landscape and mission generation shizzle.

Rogue Aces will feature the following game modes:

  • Campaign:
    100 randomly generated missions over a procedurally generated series of islands.
  • Veteran Campaign:
    Same as Campaign but with all the training aids taken off.
  • Frontline Campaign:
    A map based Time Attack campaign mode where you take on an island’s worth of objectives at a time.
  • Rogue Ace:
    Ultimate arcade madness. Fully powered up, no missions, just score attack.
  • Survival:
    All out non-stop arcade deathmatch dogfightin’ fun
  • Bomber Defence:
    *Top Secret*

Infinite State Games is known for its previously released title Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! for PS Vita and PS4.

Check out the Rogue Aces Gameplay:


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