Aperion Cyberstorm Lands On Nintendo Switch On February 8, 2018

aPriori Digital has announced that Aperion Cyberstorm will release for Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2018 via the eShop for $14.99 / £10.99 / €12,50, with 10% off for the first week.

Aperion Cyberstorm a twin-stick bullet hell RPG for up to five players. The game features a two hour long Campaign mode, a wave-based Onslaught mode, and a feature-packed Versus mode.

Pick a ship and two power-ups, then unleash hell. Will you use spiraling plasma-coated rockets to cover the arena, or play tactically and bunker down with fire turrets and healing drones? The choice is yours! Add in more players (including AI in Versus) for screen-filling madness.

Each mode supports 1-5 players, with unlockables and customisation options to support players of all skill level and abilities.


  • 1-5 player support across its three modes (Campaign, Onslaught, and Versus)
  • Hundreds of ship and power-up loadout types
  • Unlock new maps and difficulty settings
  • Several accessibility options for all players

Check out the Aperion Cyberstorm Nintendo Switch Trailer:


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