Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch

Ratalaika Games, in partnership with Thinice Games, today announced that Twin Robots will make its way to Nintendo Switch as Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition.

Originally, Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition was conceived to be a sequel, but developer Thinice Games decided it would be better to build upon the work they created with Twin Robots and give it twice the amount of levels, allowing it to become the Ultimate Edition.

Made with Unity 3D and ported by Ratalaika Games, Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition is a lot like the original 2.5D platformer where two little robots have been imprisoned and need to find the way out of each level, in a bid to escape, except now their escape is made a little harder as many more levels await and if the puzzles weren’t hard enough the first time round, with Ultimate Edition, they will be.

But just like with all previous versions of Twin Robots, co-op play is supported, so once again you and a friend will be able to run, jump, puzzle solve and transfer energy from one to the other, in your bid for freedom!

More information about price and release date will be announced soon.

Check out the Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition Screenshots:

Check out the Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition Announcement Trailer:


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