Deadbolt Launches On PS Vita & PS4 On February 20, 2018

Hopoo Games has announced that its stealth-action hybrid Deadbolt will launch on PS Vita and PS4 in North America and Europe on February 20, 2018 digitally via the PlayStation Store with cross-buy support.

From the creator of Risk of Rain, Deadbolt is an extremely challenging stealth-action hybrid taking place somewhere between life and death. You play as the reaper, tasked with a singular mission: to kill all undead. While the reaper has an impressive arsenal and skill set to kill the undead, he has one vulnerability – he dies in one shot… leaving you with no room for error.

Each mission is designed to be completed in many different ways and support diverse play styles. Want to go in loud? Blast through the buildings with your flashbang and shotgun. However, if stealth is your thing, suppressed weapons may be your new best friend. Completing missions will earn you souls that can be used to unlock weapons from Charon’s arsenal tailored to your specific play style, such as crossbows, scythes, or a semi-auto shotgun.

Check out the Deadbolt Launch Trailer:


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