Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition Out Now For PS Vita, PS4 & Nintendo Switch

The 2d side-scrolling action-platformer Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition is out now for PS Vita, PS4 and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD.

Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition is the definitive edition of the critically acclaimed 2d side-scrolling platformer Mercenary Kings and features additional content and other minor improvements over the original release

The fight for Mandragora Island carries on in this reloaded edition of the frantic 2D action game! The battle against the fearsome forces of CLAW continues but now, two brand new playable recruits have joined the world’s most skilled team of warriors-for-hire! With robotic helper C-Zar and the Resistance’s most powerful fighter, Frigg, Commander Baron’s troops don’t stand a chance!

In this upgraded edition of Mercenary Kings, players can take the commands of a mecha-armor in a brand new Steel Soldier Mission! You can craft 20 new weapons! The Kings have never been more powerful! Whether you head into a solo mission or gather your crew, the days of CLAW are numbered!

Check out the Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition PS Vita Gameplay:


Check out the Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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