Sling Ming Launches On Nintendo Switch & Steam On April 5, 2018

Good Night Brave Warrior has announced that its on-rails puzzle adventure Sling Ming will launch on Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam on April 5, 2018 for $11.99 / €11.99.

There will be a 20% launch discount on the Nintendo eShop in Europe/Australia and on Steam, but not on the Nintendo eShop in America due to Nintendo guidelines.

Grab your helmet, princess, you’re in for the ride of your life. Hook up to the Oxylane, a transit system that lets you fly through the air, swing around corners and defy gravity. Embark on an intergalactic adventure, trace the steps of your missing father and recover the keys to the mysterious vault beneath your castle.

With the Oxylane, Sling Ming introduces a totally unique way of exploring and solving puzzles in its side-scrolling 2D worlds:

  • Plan your path by arranging the Oxylane nodes, then sling Ming between them
  • Time your moves to control your swing and perform cool aerials
  • Survive a mix of action and puzzles using physics, timing or logic
  • Defeat end-of-world bosses to gain new abilities

Check out the Sling Ming Release Date Trailer:


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