Runner3 Available Now For Nintendo Switch

The rhythm/action platformer Runner3 is available now for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe. The physical launch edition (North America only) includes the game card, a full-color instruction booklet, a soundtrack sampler mini CD and a CommanderVideo character strap that lights up.

Developed by Choice Provisions, Runner3 is the next chapter in the critically-acclaimed BIT.TRIP RUNNER series and continues the endless platforming adventures of the stoic, unflappable CommanderVideo. With each step and each driving beat, the “hero in high tops” must advance through the numerous colorful and challenging worlds in rhythm with the game’s infectious soundtrack.

Runner3 includes some surprising new features, like branching paths, item shops and vehicles that CommanderVideo can use to get from one area to another. The game also includes new playable characters, new gameplay modes, new moves and an assortment of Hero Quests and Retro Challenges.


  • Players run and jump through each wacky world, punctuating the beat of the game’s infectious soundtrack with every step.
  • Optional branching paths lead to new areas that can be explored by adventure seekers and completionists.
  • In certain sequences, characters are able to command vehicles (like a flying eggplant!) in order to advance from one part of the level to another.
  • Additional playable characters, including CommandgirlVideo, enhance the story and the platforming adventure options.
  • The game introduces several new additions to the series, including Hero Quests, Retro Challenges, an item shop, new collectibles and more!
  • Features the voice talents of Charles Martinet (voice of Mario and dozens of other popular Nintendo characters).

Check out the Runner3 Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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