Epic Loon Arrives On Nintendo Switch On June 28, 2018

Publisher Ukuza, developer Macrales Studio and producer Shibuya Productions have announced that the 4-player couch co-op platformer Epic Loon will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2018.

Epic Loon revolves around a group of aliens hellbent on destroying the film collection of the human that awoke them from their slumber inside a VHS cleaning tape. The couch platformer game features two play modes, more than 350 levels and an original soundtrack composed by the famous Rococo core band Pryapisme.

Epic Loon has received numerous awards and accolades even before its launch, earning the top spot and money prize from MAGIC Monaco’s 2016 Game Creation contest.

Store Mode

Either go it alone, or play cooperatively with friends. But not online. You’re gonna want to grab some snacks and get the empty candy wrappers off your couch, because you’ll be sitting next to actual people, playing in the same place, at the same time! However you decide to play through the story, you’ll be unlocking new bits of the game that you’ll then get to rampage through in..

Battle Mode

Remember those friends you had over for Story Mode? Surprise! They’re now your sworn enemies. Race against the clock as your friends race against the same exact clock, and come out on top. The fastest player gets first place. Are you really going to let people you invited over take the crown away from you? What, do they think they own the place? Crush their spirits.

Check out the Epic Loon Launch Trailer:


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