Physical Version Of VOEZ For Nintendo Switch Launches On July 24, 2018

PM Studios and acttil have announced that the physical version of the rhythm game VOEZ for Nintendo Switch will be available at retailers on July 24, 2018. for $39.99.

The physical version of VOEZ will feature all updates added to the digital version including new controls for Joycon and Dock mode alongside the standard touch-screen controls.

About VOEZ

VOEZ is a fast-paced, beautifully animated rhythm game developed by Rayark Games featuring 174 songs and 3 difficulty levels — Easy, Hard, and Special. In each level, there is a black horizontal line at the bottom of the screen, and notes will fall down from the top of the screen on different note lines. These lines can move horizontally depending on the individual song and difficulty level. The player must either tap, hold, slide, or swipe the note depending on which type of note it is. The game also features a lovingly animated storyline, which unfolds through the Diary feature. As the player completes different requirements, new entries will be unlocked, revealing new story content, locations, and more!

Key Features

  • Keep a Record!
    Unlocking new entries in the Diary will reveal new story beats, locations, and artwork! Complete each requirement to fill out that Diary!
  • Master Each Level!
    Three difficulty levels — Easy, Hard and Special — will satisfy music game lovers of all skill levels!
  • Gorgeous Animation!
    VOEZ is not only music to your ears, but also a feast for your eyes! Enjoy its amazing animation and artwork in full HD!
  • Which Song?
    With over 100 songs to choose from, the massive music selection will keep you coming back for more!

Check out the VOEZ Screenshots:

Check out the VOEZ for Nintendo Switch Trailer:


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