2D Fighting Shoot ‘Em Up Battle Rockets Coming To PS Vita In 2019

Developer Gumbo Machine today announced that Battle Rockets will be coming exclusively to PS Vita in 2019.

Battle Rockets is a 2D fighting/shoot ’em up hybrid with 8 characters licensed from Mindwipe. The game will feature three offline multiplayer modes as well as a single-player story mode.


Centuries into the future, humanity has run short of containment spaces for electronic waste. Thanks to advances in technology, it has become feasible for waste disposal companies to launch unwanted scraps past the Earth’s atmosphere.

Eventually, irradiation from outer space generates life out of disposed video game components. Thus, a society of Console-tans (derived from the terms “console” and “constellation”) is born! Left alone, to their own devices, these automatons must forge a new hierarchy…

About the game

In the multiplayer modes, two players battle each other with Console-tans in a 2D horizontal playing field. Each Console-tan can move around freely in eight directions and is equipped with several weapons and a special move, the latter unique to each of the 8 playable characters.

Players take control of the Console-tans by using a partical side of the PS Vita system. Player one moves the character with the left analog stick and executes powers with the d-pad. Player two controls its Console-tan with the right analog stick and uses powers with the shape buttons.

Battle Rockets PS Vita

In the single-player story mode, the player (a “PC-tan”) must take control of the Console-tan society, by eliminating each of the 8 other contestants. By winning matches in any of the multiplayer modes, players can build up EXP, which accumulates to level up PC-tan between three forms.

Game Modes

  • Duel Shock (2 Players):
    Each Console-tan possesses a health bar. The first Console-tan with an empty health bar loses.
  • Cash Grab (2 Players):
    Units of currency are regularly dispensed onto the playing field. Console-tans can gain currency by navigating over these playfield units, or by shooting the opposing Console-tan to gain some of theirs. Whoever collects the most currency before time runs out wins.
  • Short Fuse (2 Players):
    Two Console-tans face off over five rounds. In each round, the Console-tan who shoots their opponent first is the winner. At the end, whoever holds the most “wins” is declared the champion.
  • Tan-Demonium (1 Player):
    The player (a “PC-tan” representing PC gaming) must take control of the Console-tan society, by eliminating each of the 8 other contestants.

The implementation of the single-player mode is currently not 100% confirmed and depends on the game’s development schedule as well as on the PS Vita’s remaining shelf life.

Battle Rockets PS Vita


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