Cubikolor Arrives On Nintendo Switch On June 26, 2018

Publisher Light Maze and developer Fractal Box have announced that the puzzle game Cubikolor launches on Nintendo Switch on June 26, 2018.

In Cubikolor, your logic will be put to the test facing a relentless enemy, the System, a malignant entity that provokes you to overcome its test.

In a cubic universe with retro colors, rack your brains and try to take advantage of the traps of each levels: hatch boxes, mirror, multicolored, lock, and many others, will be on the menu of 150 levels and 2 game modes available. Win all the medals and run up against Hardkore mode, only the sharpest minds will come to grips with it.

Cubikolor for Nintendo Switch has been completely restyled: interface redesigning, re-balancing, as well as the addition of tactile and gyroscopic features. With more than 20 hours of gameplay, this puzzle game offers many goals and medals to collect for a complete experience and is suitable for all audiences.

Check out the Cubikolor Screenshots:

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