Carried Away Heading to Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

Curve Digital and Hugecalf Studios today announced that they have partnered up to release the lift constructor puzzler Carried Away for Nintendo Switch in Early 2019.

In Carried Away, you must construct ski-themed courses – rigging chair lifts, gondolas, and ramps – to get your skiers and snowmobile drivers to the finish line without them tumbling down a ravine.

The snowy physics builder has enjoyed a warm reception on Steam Early Access, managing a ‘Very Positive” rating for its pre-V1.0 reviews. The developers at Hugecalf are now completing the construction, adding the finishing touches, and laying down solid foundations for the final release in Early 2019.

So strap on your skis, grab your tools, and bring some bandages because things are bound to get Carried Away when the charming constructor puzzler releases for Nintendo Switch in Early 2019.

Check out the Carried Away Screenshots:

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