Slam Land Out Now For Nintendo Switch

The surreal competitive party game Slam Land is out now for Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop for $7.99 / €7.99.

Welcome to Slam Land, where a beautiful blue giant seeks entertainment in the form of majestic slams. Participants smash, grapple, and dodge as they vie to dunk each other into hoops on the battlefield ranging from tree hollows to gaping maws. Literally grab up to four friends and hurl them onto a couch for fast-paced local multiplayer action.

Alongside “Slam” matches, where players race against the clock to score the most points or outlast each other in stock contests, Slam Land sports bunches of brilliant modes. These include hot-potato Peanut Mode where points multiply the longer players hold on to their nuts. Mount up for Horse Mode where players dunk hideous horses to spell H.O.R.S.E. before their friends. Finally, grab some garbage in Trash Mode where players stack trashy sacks to slam for insane bonuses.

Slam your friends to the beat of a dynamic soundtrack, boggle at surreal hand-painted landscapes, amaze a giant blue man in Slam Land! Bread Machine Games is not responsible for friends that become enemies when dunked too hard.

Check out the Slam Land Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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