Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Nitro Ball Coming To Switch Next Week

Flying Tiger Entertainment has announced that Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Nitro Ball will launch for Nintendo Switch in North America on August 16, 2018 for $7.99. Pre-orders are available now on the Nintendo eShop for $6.99.

Welcome to the world of Nitro Ball, a savage game show where contestants blast enemies through different pinball worlds. In order to win the game, players must not only survive but rack up as many points as possible.

Contestants Gary and Harry battle through the pinball fields together. Only one can be victorious. Who will collect the most items while killing the most goons? Will it be Gary, the Ex-Navy Sergeant or Harry, the Ex-Police Officer?

Nitro Ball allows for up to three players and features five dangerous pinball worlds with unique baddies. The stages include: Strange Football, Combat Field, Ghost Town, Aliens World and Space Station.

With the Real Arcade Feel, Nitro Ball is a fast and furious vertical action game where players must kill or be killed.


  • Play single player or simultaneously with one or two friends.
    • Shoot enemies into holes for extra points and prizes.
    • Collect various power-ups; one even turns players into a pinball!
    • Complete secret objectives on each stage for added bonuses.
    • Vertical play mode is supported for the Real Arcade Feel.

Check out the Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Nitro Ball Screenshots:

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