Flood of Light Arrives On Nintendo Switch On August 23, 2018

Chinese indie studio Irisloft and indie publisher indienova have announced that the puzzle game Flood of Light will launch on Nintendo Switch on August 23, 2018.

Flood of Light is a puzzle game with a unique art-style and a great soundtrack in which you control a mysterious girl who arrives at a city that is completely flooded with water.

Only she possesses the ability to control light, which will be your tool to solve various puzzles, gradually retreat the water and ultimately save the city. Meanwhile, the true purpose of this girl will also reveal to you.

Key features

  • Unique mechanics: A brand new experience for puzzle lovers.
  • Evolving puzzles: The more puzzles you solve, the more light abilities you will receive to face the challenges ahead.
  • Much to explore: 10 chapters that include more than 60 different levels, and more than 20 unique puzzle mechanics.
  • Hand-drawn 2D graphics: All levels are connected and gradually paint a complete picture of the city.
  • Hidden collectibles: Collect all “wicks” to reveal the city’s hidden secret.
  • An original immersive soundtrack: Mesmerizing music that engulfs the player in its beautiful atmosphere.
  • Both touchscreen and controller support.
  • HD rumble support.

Challenges for hardcore players

  • Collect every wick in the game.
  • Finish levels with the least steps.
  • Wake up all robots in the city.
  • Complete all of the above and you will gain a special token for each chapter!

Check out the Flood of Light Announcement Trailer:


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