Plutonium Pirates Coming To PS Vita has announced that the Thrust inspired arcade shooter Plutonium Pirates is coming to PS Vita.

In Plutonium Pirates, you pilot an old chopper into enemy territory in search for nukes to abduct. Then, blast your way out and mow down any enemies you may encounter. You are our last hope!


The Democratic Republic of Kollesteroll is stockpiling ever growing amounts of plutonium and has become a major threat to world peace and all.

As you know, all negotiations and diplomatic efforts have failed. We’re sending you in, under the radar, so don’t make a mess! Best of luck soldier, you’ll need it!

About the game

Plutonium Pirates takes inspiration from old-school classics like Thrust with your favorite 16-bit shoot’em up thrown in for good measure. Even though stealth is occasionally the best strategy for surviving the overwhelming amount of enemies, this is above all an action packed arcade adventure.


  • Dozens of action packed and challenging levels
  • Almost all objects are destructible
  • Bonus game mode to unlock for the very best pilots
  • Retro pixel art visuals and CRT filter
  • Secret caverns full of loot to collect and long lost artefacts to find.

Check out the Plutonium Pirates Gameplay Teaser:


Via: Twitter

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