Everspace Coming To Nintendo Switch In Late 2018

Rockfish Games has announce that its roguelike 3D space shooter Everspace will be coming to Nintendo Switch in December 2018.

The Nintendo Switch “Stellar Edition” will be available both physically and digitally and includes the base game, the expansion, the Everspace art book, and the complete soundtrack with over 60 titles.

Everspace is Rockfish Games’ debut title and was first released for PC, Xbox One and PS4, pre-financed by a successful kickstarter campaign in 2015.

The roguelike space shooter takes daring space pilots on a challenging journey through six sectors, each featuring dozens of procedurally-generated levels full of dangers and treasures. In each run, they will face entirely new situations, continuously testing their skills, experience, and talent for improvisation.

Great piloting skills will be needed to stand a chance against various enemies, along with a keen eye for loot and mineable resources, which are used to repair damaged ship components or to craft new equipment and modifications, giving players an advantage in combat and a better chance of making it out of a sticky situation alive.

Check out the Everspace Screenshots:

Check out the Indie Hightlights (at 10m 11s):


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