Children of Morta Coming To Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

Dead Mage and 11 Bit Studios have announced that the action RPG Children of Morta is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

In Children of Morta you hack and slash your way through endless hordes of enemies in this narrative-driven roguelike. Playable in either single player or co-op, experience what it means to be part of a family of heroes as they fight to defend their legacy and each other.

The Bergson family has watched over Mount Morta for generations as the guardians of the mystical mountain. They now face their most dangerous trial as a family…

Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful mountain into a violent and monster infested nightmare. Experience what it means to be in a family of heroes. Take part in their journey, their struggles, and their victories!


  • Family Ties
    Discover the history of Bergson family – the Guardians of Mount Morta. Witness their emotions and struggles as they do their duty to return peace to their land.
  • Mystical Mountain
    A place full of history and magic. A source of life, health and prosperity… Delve into its midsts and discover why the corruption as come to this seemingly peaceful land.
  • Inherited Talents
    Characters have different sets of unique skills – some of them prefer close combat, others act at a distance or cast spells. Discover distinct playstyles and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Ancestral Wisdom
    Uncle Ben and Grandma Margaret. Their workshops can be upgraded, opening new crafting possibilities and allowing you to forge various items and create potions for your adventures.
  • Ever-changing World
    World touched by the corruption is constantly changing. Every forrest, dungeon, or temple you explore guarantees a unique experience each playthrough.
  • Unique Artstyle
    A combination of hand painted pixel art and frame by frame animations partnered with modern lighting techniques come to life to create the beautifully dangerous world of Mount Morta.

Check out the Children of Morta Screenshots:

Check out 11 Bit Studios’ Line Up Video (at 1:31):


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