The World Next Door Arrives On Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

VIZ Media and Rose City Games have announced that the story-driven action-adventure The World Next Door will release on Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

The World Next Door is a narrative-driven, action-adventure game that follows Jun, a rebellious teen girl trapped in a parallel world inhabited by magical creatures. Inspired by the emotional storytelling and thrilling action of both anime and indie games, players can expect to meet and develop friendships with an eclectic cast of characters while uncovering the mysteries hidden within this world.

Key Features

  • A supernatural, story driven game with action-heavy puzzle battles
  • Branching dialogue and reputation systems that affect your relationships with characters in the game
  • Fast-paced real-time puzzle battles; activate runes to cast spells and defeat opponents to advance the story
  • VS mode available to 2 player local multiplayer

Check out The World Next Door Nintendo Switch Screenshots:

Check out The World Next Door – Switch Teaser Trailer:


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