Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Coming To Switch On September 13

Inxile Entertainment has announced that Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut will release on Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2018 digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $29.99.

Critically praised and winner of numerous accolades, including Game of the Year, Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is an enhanced version of the original that features numerous improvements and additions that further immerse the player in this epic adventure across a post-nuclear American Southwest.

The Wasteland’s hellish landscape is waiting for you to make your mark… or die trying. With over 80 hours of gameplay, you will deck out your Desert Ranger squad with the most devastating weaponry this side of the fallout zone, test the limits of your strategy skills, and bring justice to the wasteland.

Check out the Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Nintendo Switch Screenshots:

Check out the Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Nintendo Switch Trailer:



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