Lonely Mountains: Downhill Heading To Nintendo Switch In 2019

Thunderful has announced that Lonely Mountains: Downhill will be heading to Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill, from Berlin-based duo Megagon Industries, sees you and your bike explore huge, handcrafted open-world mountains. Play it safe and follow the trail or take a risk and find the quickest way down for speedrunner immortality. No audience, no barrier tape, no product placement. Just you and the rocky peaks of the Lonely Mountains.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill will be playable at the Thunderful booth at PAX West (6003, level 6).


  • Find Your Way:
    Play it safe and follow the trail or take the risk and go cross-country to find the fastest way down.
  • Custom Bike Physics:
    We developed a custom bike physics system to achieve very tight and fun controls while still incorporating the feeling of driving a downhill bike through rough terrain.
  • Seamless Tracks:
    Ride all the way down from the top of the mountain to the valley in one seamless ride with no loading times.
  • See The World:
    Travel to different mountainscapes and experience a beautiful nature untouched by men. No audience, no barrier tapes – just you and your bike.
  • Secret Locations:
    Explore the mountains to find secret locations.

Check out the Lonely Mountains: Downhill Screenshots:

Check out the Lonely Mountains: Downhill Announcement Trailer:


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