Pilot Sports Lands On Nintendo Switch On October 4, 2018

Wild River and Indie developer Z-Software today announced that the multiplayer flight game Pilot Sports will launch on Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 4, 2018.

Pilot Sports offers a fast-paced and fun flight experience across picturesque levels with different modes, a variety of courses, aircrafts, challenges, and collectibles.

Players can pick one out of 8 available characters to prove their flying skills in more than 50 different courses set in exotic environments. The goal for hobby pilots is to get the best possible time and perfect score. A variety of disciplines, collectibles and an unlockable explorer mode provide diverse challenges.

In addition, the different kinds of aircrafts, like airplane, jetpack, hang glider, or parachute, all come with their own attributes. Each of them controls and behaves differently, creating an individual flight feeling. With its 4 player split-screen multiplayer, Pilot Sports promises best entertainment for the next party or family get-together.

Key Features

  • More than 50 courses
  • 8 playable characters
  • 7 different types of challenges
  • Variety of aircrafts (airplane, jetpack, two versions of hang gliders, parachutes)
  • Bonus: unlockable discoverer Courses to explore the sunny island

Check out the Pilot Sports Screenshots:

Check out the Pilot Sports Trailer:


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