Antipole DX Heading To PS Vita & PS4 In Early 2019

Indie developer Saturnine Games has revealed that the 2D action platformer Antipole DX is heading to PS Vita and PS4 in early 2019.

Antipole DX is a challenging 2D action platformer that empowers players with the ability to reverse the direction of gravity at the press of a button. Reversing gravity affects the player and everything around them. Players can use their gravity ability to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in this fast-paced platformer.

The original version of Antipole was released on Nintendo DSiWare, XBox Live Indie Games, and PC in 2011.


  • Players can reverse the direction of gravity at will affecting everything around them.
  • Use your gravity powers to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.
  • Online leaderboards for fastest completion times.

Check out the Antipole DX Screenshots:

Check out the Antipole DX Trailer:


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