Six Sides of the World Arrives On Switch This Week

Dolores Entertainment has announced that Six Sides of the World will launch on Nintendo Switch on October 4, 2018 via the Nintendo eShop for $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99.

Six Sides of the World is a puzzle game that takes you into an intergalactic journey through different star systems riddled with brain-racking challenges.

The ultimate match: your brains vs sci-fi hazards

Spatial orientation, logic and pure wit will be your weapons to go through the different cube shaped planetary systems. Each level will bring the threats to a whole new level, adding all kinds of sci-fi hazards: from portals to laser beams. You will need to carefully analyze each cubic planet to understand its dangers and potential solutions. Rushing might lead you to death: it’s all about breaking down each puzzle and finding the right pace.

Explore a vast galaxy system

Six Sides of the World presents you a series of star systems to be explored. Each one is comprised by different puzzles that introduce new and more challenging mechanics. But most interesting feature of this is that these star systems can be navigated linearly, following a easier predetermined path; or you can make a detour if you are brave enough. Some of the puzzles will present more than one possible solution, enabling you to achieve a more difficult victory, that will unlock new extra puzzles.

All hail the puzzle lord

Maigo is an explorer who’s about to discover something far bigger than he expects. As he navigates through space, facing increasingly difficult puzzles, he starts to understand he’s tapping over something transcendent. Some questions arise: who has created all these worlds? What motivates this intergalactic architect? There’s an utter plan beyond all this? It is a test? A mean to protect something? In seek of the truth Maigo will have to overcome all the challenges to meet this kind of… Puzzle God.

Check out the Six Sides of the World Trailer:


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