Ultimate Fishing Simulator Coming To Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

Ultimate Games and Bit Golem today announced that Ultimate Fishing Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch in Q1 2019 in North America and Europe both physically and digitally.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a comprehensive fishing simulator which allows using various techniques in different places around the world. In addition to traditional fishing techniques, in Ultimate Fishing Simulator you’ll also find a winter map where you will be able to go ice fishing! Buy an auger at the store, find a suitable location and drill an airhole. But not too small, so that you can remove the fish.

There are two modes of difficulties in the Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Normal Mode allows you to enjoy the game in all its glory. In normal mode, all the features in the game are included. Realistic Mode requires more patience and efficiency from the player. Fish will be biting less and will fight longer. Some of the game features in this mode are disabled, such as the underwater camera.

Every fisherman likes to admire his trophies. Some release their fish, other stuff and hang them on their walls. In Ultimate Fishing Simulator you can exactly do the same! Decide yourself what you want to do with the fish you catch. Sell? Release? Stuff? The choice is yours.

Key Features

  • 7 locations (fisheries) on real locations and 2 winter season fisheries
  • Differentiated fishing techniques (e.g. spinning, bottom and fly methods)
  • Sea ​​and ice fishing
  • Several dozen types of fish
  • Photorealistic water, dynamic weather change system
  • Boats (e.g. yachts and motorboats)
  • Skill development system and trophy room
  • Additional view from the perspective of the bait
  • Extensive multiplayer modes
  • Fishery editor

Check out the Ultimate Fishing Simulator Screenshots:

Check out the Ultimate Fishing Simulator Trailer:


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