Space Shooter Descent Heading To Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

Descendent Studios has announced that the 3D space shooter Descent is heading to Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

First launched in 1995, Descent – the first truly 3D shooter, blasts into the 21st Century with next-generation gaming technology built on Unreal Engine 4. The reboot game will offer fans both a deep single-player campaign with more than 15 missions and expansive multiplayer gameplay including spacecraft customization, multiple class roles, and four-player online co-op gameplay.

Multiplayer modes will include cooperative Survival, as well as PVP modes like Anarchy, Corporate War, and Miner Mayhem. Players will be able to unlock up to 20 ships with full tech trees across classes including attack, defense, engineering, and support.

Earth starves – resources dwindle, governments fall, and the last shreds of human civilization now belong to ruthless megacorporations. Mankind’s survival depends on water and minerals from deep space. Brave pilots fight deep within asteroids- their triumphs and tragedies broadcast back to Earth as entertainment… and a way to distract the teeming masses from the grumbling of their empty bellies.

Fly your way in 20 different ships with distinct roles and play styles. Customize them with noses, wings, skins, paint jobs, and a forest of tech tree upgrades. Deep dive into Descent‘s immersive single-player campaign or prove yourself in a variety of pulse-pounding multiplayer modes.

Key Features

  • The Legendary Series Returns
    Descent returns! Journey back into the mines with the rebooted 90s classic, fully reimagined in the Unreal 4 engine for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
  • True Freedom
    Experience 6-degrees-of-freedom as you explore twisting mazes and cavernous maps. Move, hide, and attack in every direction.
  • Customizable Class-Based Combat
    Pick your class, customize your ship, dominate the match. Choose from over 4 classes, 20 ships, and kit them out with nose, wing, skin, and other upgrades.
  • Hand-Crafted Campaign
    Deep dive through an immersive single-player campaign featuring over 15 missions of puzzles, side-quests, special rewards and epic boss battles.
  • Built for Multiplayer
    Prove yourself in our cutting edge multiplayer experience that features 4 pulse pounding modes from free-for-all to co-op.

Check out the Descent Trailer:


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