Storm in a Teacup Coming To Nintendo Switch On October 25

Rising Star Games today announced that the magical puzzle platformer Storm in a Teacup is coming digitally to Nintendo Switch on October 25, 2018 for $2.99 / €2.99 / £2.99.

Storm in a Teacup takes place in a dream-like world that Cloud, the brother to main character Storm, has created. Players will guide Storm through each level navigating platform jumps, avoiding dangerous enemies, and grabbing sugar cubes and other collectibles to achieve the highest score possible.


  • Simple controls for concise and enjoyable gameplay
  • Fiendish puzzles across a multitude of levels
  • Earn stars as you conquer each stage
  • Easy pick up and play game for players of all ages

Check out the Storm in a Teacup Screenshots:

Check out the Storm in a Teacup Trailer:


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