Classical Rhythm Game Pianista Available Now For Nintendo Switch

The classical rhythm game Pianista is available now for Nintendo Switch digitally via the Nintendo eShop.

Pianista is a high-end piano music game. Play premium sounds in a game designed exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Beautifully-tuned music and marvelous technique awaits. Lay your fingers on the controller to explore the sound of the piano.


  • Matinee
    Choose four keys or six keys to perform, and select three songs to play. Challenge the high score to compete with others in rank. Hidden stages also become available when you clear special missions.
  • Concours
    Packaged challenges sorted by different themes. This mode features various difficulty and missions. Show your best performance in Concours.
  • Ensemble
    Use the Joy-Cons to perform a duet. Create your own play-style using different piano skins, speed options, and more with friends for the best results.
  • Library
    Check your play status, as well as the world’s famous composers and their songs.
  • Piano
    There are many piano skins to collect, which are inspired by world famous paintings. Clear special missions to complete your collection!

Check out the Pianista Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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