Deru – The Art of Cooperation Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Ink Kit Studio has announced that the award-winning co-op puzzle game Deru РThe Art of Cooperation is out now on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop with a 10% launch discount.

Formerly started as a game jam project in 2014 and then known as “Schlicht” – a rather unpronounceable name for 95% of the world population – Deru is a couch co-op puzzle game where players must block streams, split themselves and juggle their mass to solve together mind-bending puzzles where communication and brains symbiosis will up their co-op gaming skills.


  • Original couch co-op gameplay: merge your brains together to overcome the streams
  • Single Player mode: challenge your twin stick skills to tackle the puzzles solo
  • A 70 levels Story mode packed into 5 worlds
  • Challenge mode: master the art of cooperative puzzling against the clock
  • Award-winning soundtrack in-between the digital and real by Michael Barengo

Check out the Deru – The Art of Cooperation Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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