R-Type Dimensions EX Launches On Nintendo Switch On November 28

Tozai Games has announced that the classic shoot ’em up R-Type Dimensions EX will launch on Nintendo Switch on November 28, 2018 for $14.99. The game is available now for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop with a 20% discount and during the first week of sale.

R-Type Dimensions EX includes both acclaimed arcade classics initially published by Irem, R-Type (1987) and R-Type II (1989). Each title can be played in classic mode with the original 2D graphics and retro music, or with hi-res 3D graphics and remastered audio.

Three new features will be introduced in this edition: Full Power-Up Mode, which allows players to power their ships to maximum weapon in Infinite Mode; Fast Forward, the ability to speed up the game in any mode; and crystal-clear 1080p resolution. The Switch version will also feature in-game achievements.

Additional features of R-Type Dimensions include:

  • Two complete games – Includes all eight original R-Type levels and all six original R-Type II levels
  • Multiple gameplay options – Switch between hi-res 2D/3D graphics with revamped music, or play the classic versions with the push of a button
  • Infinite Mode and Level Select – Learn the levels inside and out for the perfect 1CC runs
  • Co-Op Mode – Two players can play together “couch co-op” style or add collision for competitive play
  • Slow-motion play function – Weave through bullets and enemies with ease
  • Custom controller configuration – Change the button layout to match your play style

Check out the R-Type Dimensions Release Date Trailer:


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