BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition Arrives On Switch In North America February 7, 2019

Arc System Works has announced that BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition will arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop in North America on February 7, 2019.

With Central Fiction as one of the three games featured in our ArcREVO World Tournament, there’s never been a better time for owners of Nintendo’s versatile console to get in on the action.

BlazBlue Central Fiction includes all of the following:

  • BlazBlue Central Fiction full game
  • All BlazBlue Central Fiction DLC Characters
    • Es
    • Susanoo
    • Mai Natsume
    • Jubei
  • System Voices DLC
  • Additional Character Colors DLC
    • Including some additional colors exclusive to this Special Edition

BlazBlue Central Fiction Additional Info

  • Players
    • 1-2 (offline)
    • 2-8 (online in Network Mode)
  • Text Language
    • Japanese
    • English
  • Voice Language
    • Japanese
  • Compatible Controllers
    • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    • Real Arcade Pro.V HAYABUSA for Nintendo Switch

Check out the BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition Screenshots:

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