World End Syndrome Coming West For Switch & PS4 In Spring 2019

Arc System Works has announced that the mystery adventure visual novel World End Syndrome is coming to the West. It will be available digitally on both Switch and PS4 in Spring 2019.

World End Syndrome is a romantic adventure game created from a collaboration between Arc System Works and Toybox.

Character designs are by Yuki Kato, known for their work as an artist and designer for the BlazBlue series. Other known creators on the project include Tomio Kanazawa for the scenario and Takashi Nitta for music.

The game takes place in a coastal town called “Mihate Town.”

The protagonist gets transferred to “Mihate High School” in the town and begins a new life, where he meets the heroines: Maimi Kusunose, a cheerful girl, and Miu Amana, a quiet girl.

How you interact with the girls through unforgettable summer experiences and incidents that happen in the peaceful town will drastically change the ending.


“I wish this world would end…”

The protagonist, who is slightly troubled, moves from a big city to a seaside town called “Mihate” because of an incident. He moves into his uncle’s mansion and starts a new life in the town.

With new friends he meets at “Mihate High School,” he goes through unforgettable summer experiences and strange incidents.

Depending on how he spends the summer with them, the protagonist’s “world” will significantly change…

Main Characters

Maimi Kusunose, Voiced by Hisako Tojyo
Maimi Kusunose, Voiced by Hisako Tojyo

The protagonist’s cousin. She is bright and cheerful, and sometimes a bit insensitive. She belongs to the tennis club at Mihate High School. She is popular among both boys and girls.

By a strange coincidence, Maimi and the protagonist start living together.

Miu Amana, Voiced by Shiori Izawa
Miu Amana, Voiced by Shiori Izawa

A mysterious and quiet girl. She isolates herself but plays the director of “Mystery Club.” There is a reliable side to her.

Visit the café she works at and you may be able to see her other sides…?


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