Super Treasure Arena Arrives On Nintendo Switch On December 24

Headup Games today announced that the retro-inspired arena shooter Super Treasure Arena will release on Nintendo Switch on December 24, 2018 digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.

Super Treasure Arena is a unique mix of retro-inspired arcade action and objective-based arena shooters. The result is a frantic game where collecting and stealing loot from your opponents is the key to victory. Play alone or challenge friends locally via split-screen for 2-4 players!

Enter the Arena

Choose one of four different characters (each with a unique special ability) and battle it out on tight top-down maps, filled with angry monsters and shiny loot. Various weapons scattered across each map can be picked up and will help you blasting away your opponents, including bows, magic staffs, bombs, rockets and more!

Multiplayer Madness

There are two insane multiplayer modes for you to enjoy. Just hunt for the most coins possible locally against your buddies via split-screen!

Check out the Super Treasure Arena Switch Trailer:


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