Coba: Tale of the Moon Announced For Nintendo Switch

Liquid Media Group today announced that the action RPG Coba: Tale of the Moon is coming to Nintendo Switch.

In Coba, players take control of Itzel, a Mayan villager who stumbles into a larger-than-life adventure as she tries to save the world from an eclipsed sun. Steeped in Mayan mythology, Coba is a deeply engaging interactive environment brought to life in lush detail in a classic style. The game will utilize specific Nintendo Switch controls that will have players navigate through puzzles and obstacles throughout gameplay.

Coba: Tale of the Moon is being developed in partnership with Dinosaur Games and will be published by Majesco Entertainment.

Sneak peeks via character reveals, artwork, gameplay footage and live streams will be released as the title nears completion.

Coba: Tale of the Moon Nintendo Switch

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