Tokyo School Life Coming To Nintendo Switch On Valentine’s Day 2019

PQube, Dogenzaka Lab and developer M2 today announced that the heart-warming visual novel Tokyo School Life will be released digitally for Nintendo Switch on February 14, 2019.

Embark on an unforgettable trip as an exchange student to Tokyo and make the acquaintance of three lovely girls, whom you will spend your summer vacation with. Explore the city with them, hang out together during lunch breaks and maybe – with the right words – even more…

Beautiful animations, multiple endings, learning or improving Japanese language basics and everything else about Tokyo School Life make the lighthearted summer love story a must have for anime fans and those interested in the land of the rising sun.


  • Find your highschool sweetheart
    Meet and befriend Karin, Aoi and Sakura: three charming girls who attend the same school and dorm as you, spend lunch breaks together and get to know them!
  • Fully animated and voiced characters
    Characters are brought to life thanks to a splendid art style and a talented Japanese voice cast. The girls are rendered in a smooth animation style and change their expression as you interact with them.
  • Your choices will affect the outcome
    As you progress through the story, you will get to know more about Karin, Aoi and Sakura. Select the best answers to befriend one of them and maybe – with the right words – even more…
  • Learn Japanese language basics
    In addition to English, Tokyo School Life lets you display the text in kana, romaji and even in kanji! It is the perfect opportunity to learn vocabulary and study Japanese sentence constructions in a fun and engaging way!

Check out the Tokyo School Life Announcement Trailer:


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