The Deer God Physical Version Announced For PS Vita & PS4

Red Art Games today announced that it will release a physical version of The Deer God for PS Vita and PS4.

Limited to 2,000 copies per platform, each version will be available for €24.99 EUR (plus shipping), with pre-orders starting today exclusively at Red Art Games. Release of the physical edition is planned in March 2019.

Additionally, Red Art Games has revealed that The Deer God will be their last PS Vita release as PS Vita cart production is coming soon to an end.

About The Deer God

The Deer God is a 3D pixel art adventure that will challenge your beliefs and your platforming skills. It’s a game about survival, reincarnation, and karma; all set in a breathtaking and unique 3D pixelized world.

The Deer God takes players on a journey of vast landscapes, tackle challenging puzzles to unlock skills and abilities, while avoiding hunters and other enemies in the quest for survival.

The story follows a hunter as he attempts to take out the largest buck for bragging rights. His expedition takes a turn for the worst when he gets mauled to death and comes face to face with The Deer God. Reincarnated as a fawn, the hunter returns to his world and must stay alive as he traverses a procedurally generated world.


  • Gorgeous 3d pixel art world to explore
  • Various animals and characters to interact with
  • Night and Day system
  • Various quests & tons of items to find and use
  • Reincarnate into other animals
  • Use the power of statues and level up your antlers
  • Find secrets and solve ancient puzzles
  • Amazing Original Soundtrack by Evan Gipson

Check out The Deer God Gameplay Trailer:


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