Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing Flies Onto Nintendo Switch This April

Tribetoy today announced that its procedurally generated airship adventure Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is flying onto Nintendo Switch in April 2019.

In Bow to Blood, players take the role as captain of a powerful airship and compete to become champion of The Arena. While navigating through The Arena’s challenges, players will face a diverse cast of interesting characters, each with their own unique motivations and personalities. No two playthroughs are the same as encounters and challengers are procedurally combined to create a unique experience each time.

Born from the minds of industry veterans Matt Hoesterey (former Design Director on HoloLens Experience Fragments) and Tara Rueping (former Art Director on Telltale’s Tales of the Borderlands, The Walking Dead). Bow to Blood released on Playstation VR in August 2018 to critical acclaim.

Galvanized by the positive reception on PSVR, the team has worked tirelessly to redesign and reimagine the game for non-VR, and are preparing a simultaneous release of Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing on multiple platforms.


  • Take command
    Stand at the bridge of your mighty airship, with immersive high-tech controls that respond to your touch as you pilot the ship, task your crew, aim weapons, route power – and even pull your trusty sidearm when things get up close and personal.
  • Forge alliances and plot betrayals
    At the end of each match you’ll need enough friends to avoid getting voted off the season! Your AI rivals in Bow to Blood have their own motivations, objectives, and personalities. Assist your fellow challengers and gain their support, or exploit them for personal gain and earn their enmity. The choice is yours, but choose wisely – challengers will remember how you have treated them, and in the Arena, grudges die hard.
  • Every playthrough is unique
    Randomized encounters and a rotating cast ensure no two experiences will be the same. Play over and over again to discover new environments, opponents, and challenges.

Check out the Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing Trailer:


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