The Lost Light of Sisu Coming To Nintendo Switch On February 27

Solvarg has announced that the physics driven platformer The Lost Light of Sisu is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 27, 2019 via the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.

About the game

The Lost Light of Sisu is a forgiving yet challenging physics driven platformer.

In this playful adventure you find yourself searching planets in pursuit of energy cubes that power your spaceship but also evolve your abilities. Use these new-found powers to traverse obstacles and overcome grumpy alien species.

Key features

  • Friendly and forgiving yet challenging gameplay -> Less frustration and more fun.
  • Featuring 40 levels and 3 boss battles.
  • Nonlinear gameplay -> Beat 10 out of 20 levels on each planet to proceed.
  • A mix and match of 4 unique abilities.

Check out The Lost Light of Sisu Release Trailer:


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