Action-Platformer Overwhelm Coming To Nintendo Switch On April 4

Alliance Games has announced that the action-platformer Overwhelm is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 4, 2019 featuring an exclusive co-op mode.

About the game

Overwhelm is a suffocating action-platformer where enemies get power ups and you don’t. Play through the whole game locally with a friend, reviving each other when you go down. Defeating each of the five bosses will give the hive’s creatures additional abilities, so choose wisely: which one will you take on first?


  • Bosses Give Enemies Power-Ups:
    As you defeat each of the five unique bosses, their abilities get distributed to the enemies of the world with escalating difficulty.
  • Tactile, Tense Combat:
    Combat is crunchy and fast. One hit and you die. Three deaths and the run is over. Defeat bosses in different orders to optimize your playthrough.
  • Intense Soundtrack & Soundscape:
    The sparse but powerful soundscape keeps you focused and scared. The soundtrack provides occasional ominous synths to compliment intense boss fights and big moments.

Check out the Overwhelm Nintendo Switch Trailer:


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